Package slot missing from signature for generic

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vboxguest: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel. I get this with a Ubuntu 16.04 guest using, most recently, VirtualBox 5.1. It seems as though the GuestAdditions installation is not signing, or is using the wrong key to sign, the kernel modules it builds.

Unlike ordinary functions, the generic has a slot that specifies its package. In an R session, there is one version of each such generic, regardless of where the call to that generic originated, and the generic function has a table of all the methods currently available for it; that is, all the methods in packages currently loaded into the session. R: Create and Save a Method - ETH Zurich The package name of a generic is set according to the package from which it originally comes; in particular, and frequently, the package where a non-generic version of the function originated. For example, generic functions for all the functions in package base will have "base" as the package name, although none of them is an S4 generic on that package. Package ‘mi’ - R Package ‘mi’ April 16, 2015 Type Package Title Missing Data Imputation and Model Checking Version 1.0 Date 2015-04-16 Description The mi package provides functions for data manipulation, imputing missing values in an approxi- Package ‘RandVar’ - The Comprehensive R Archive Network

Matches the signature object (a partially or completely named subset of the signature arguments of the generic function object fun), and return a vector of all the classes in the order specified by fun@signature.

R: Create and Save a Method - Seminar for Statistics | ETH ... Create and Save a Method ... except for a few functions in the base package. signature: ... the generic function object itself has slots containing its name and its package name. The package name of a generic is set according to the package from which it originally comes; in particular, and frequently, the package where a non-generic version of ...

Multiple Imputation with Diagnostics (mi)inR: Opening Windows into the Black Box Yu-Sung Su Tsinghua University Andrew Gelman Columbia University Jennifer Hill New York University Masanao Yajima University of California, Los Angeles Abstract Our mi package in R has several features that allow the user to get inside the impu-

[R] Suppressing "creating new generic" and "expanding the signature ... Loading required package: portfolio [... loading other required packages ...] Creating a new generic function for "" on element 1 of the The S4 object system - Advanced R. The setMethod function takes three arguments: the name of the generic function, the signature to match for this method and a function to compute the result. Unfortunately R doesn’t offer any syntactic sugar for this task so the code is a little verbose and repetitive. [BioC] error in AffyTiling package - Grokbase

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slot-set-using-class! calls the generic function slot-missing if class does not have a slot definition for a slot called slot-name (see slot-missing). Slots whose allocation is per-class rather than per-instance can be referenced and set without needing to specify any particular instance. Signature" tool is missing from my" A... | Adobe… I just bought Acrobat DC about an hour ago. I'm going to be using it extensively to send documents to clients for signature.So I now open the document I was working on using Acrobat DC, and when I go to send it for signature, there seems to be no way to do that I went to the help section, and it tells...

[Rd] package slot of generic "[" and missing env@target ...

R: Create a Generic Version of a Function - ETH Z Create a Generic Version of a Function Description. Create a generic version of the named function so that methods may be defined for it. A call to setMethod will call setGeneric automatically if applied to a non-generic function. Praveen Kumar Sreeram's Blog – Azure, Sitecore and more.. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 31 other followers. Follow findMethods function | R Documentation